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    "Tiens Global R&D Center", a product R&D center created by Tiens Group, was established in 2005 and changed its name to "Tiens Life Science and Technology Research Institute" in 2012, which aims to "promote the development of human life science and serve the health preservation of the public"

    Quality Test Center

  • Quality management system of Tiens Group

    Tiens Group has always regarded product quality as the cornerstone of its corporate development and the promotion of its international strategy, and it strictly controls quality and safety management and conducts its operations with integrity. Adhering to the quality policy of "containing the meaning of healthy human, choosing the road of scientific and technological innovation, using the method of continuous improvement and making the customers satisfied", Tiens Group has adopted management system according to international standards, integrated the laws and regulations of different countries to identify the processes required for its quality and safety management system, then conducted comprehensive planning for the correlation of these processes, established a dynamic quality management system, continuously improved, and spared no effort to develop Tiens Group's global quality management and food safety protection system. Tiens Group's products have achieved comprehensive and systematic network management in each link of its industrial chain, from the supply chain source procurement to the end user. The safety management of its product quality has reached an internationally advanced level. As China's first large health food production enterprise that has passed the HACCP certification for its food safety management system, Tiens Group has successively passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification, the HACCP Certification, and the ISO17025 International Laboratory Management System Certification, among others. In addition, Tiens Group respects the religious culture of its customers with different religious beliefs. It has obtained the Islam’s Halal certification and met the requirements for green environmental protection. Tiens Group provides its customers with high quality products and fine services, earning national market access qualifications in over hundreds of countries, winning the trust of its consumers, and realizing product green marketing through the management activities of its various departments. It performs resource allocation, product development, trial production, approval, production, packaging, testing, reporting, process monitoring and measurement, data analysis and improvement, and many other business activities.

  • Quality management for the entire supply-chain

    Faced with international competition, Tiens Group have continued to be closely integrated with the global product and market planning at the strategic level for the supply chain management and quality management. It is dedicated to continuously integrating and optimizing the information flow, logistics, and capital flow in its product supply system in addition to optimizing its global production and logistics layout to meet rapidly growing market demand from a comprehensive perspective. It has achieved the highest results in terms of quality, cost, time and efficiency through effective cooperation with global markets and suppliers.

    Tiens Group’s professional quality team has realized comprehensive control over product quality and food safety. In addition, its quality management covers the entire life cycle of the product. Through investing in the construction of the GAP base of some materials and unceasingly improvising the quality management of the supply chain source, it has achieved a comprehensive, holistic, systematic, and effective process with "big quality" management for every link in the entire supply chain, from product research and development, raw materials procurement, production, quality testing, storage, and transportation to the final user. It has established a manufacturing enterprise electronic information system with inquiry capacity and easy supervision.

  • Group Honors

    Tiens Group has established a robust food safety risk assessment system by adhering to industrial self-discipline and its perfected quality management system, which has received high evaluations from the municipal quality supervision department.

  • Research Environment

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