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    The words "Tai" and "Ji" of Tai Ji Sun are two hexagrams from the Book of Changes in ancient China. "Tai" is comprised of the "Kun" and "Qian" trigrams, meaning "Yin increases and Yang decreases, Yin and Yang integrate with each other" and "Good luck". "Ji" is "Jiji" trigram, integrating together, meaning that "Water increases and fire decreases, water and fire integrate with each other", that the great cause has been accomplished, and also referring to the great aspiration to do good for society. The word "Sun" has the meaning of "life," "growth," and "continuous reproduction prospering in endless succession". Therefore, Tai Ji Sun embodies the meaning of "balance between yin and yang, integration of water and fire, and the health of the people".






    Introduction to the Operations

  • Brief Introduction to Tai Ji Sun

    Tai Ji Sun Hospital is located in Tiens International Health Industrial Park with a building area of 28,000 ㎡. It is a domestic high-end medical and health management service organization invested in by the Tiens Group. The hospital has 101 beds for patients. It is a comprehensive secondary hospital featuring the preventative treatment of diseases with traditional Chinese medicine and the precision medical concepts of western medicine. It has the following departments: internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, dermatology, rehabilitation medicine, preventive health care, the clinical medical laboratory, medical imaging, and other clinical and medical technology departments. Furthermore, the hospital also has the Tai Ji Sun Hospital International Health Management Centre, which takes full advantage of the multidisciplinary and famous experts at the hospital, and provides health checkups, health management, anti-aging, health checkups and health care with traditional Chinese medicine, international medical treatment, private doctors and other exclusive services to global high-end customers. Each discipline of Tai Ji Sun Hospital has an excellent developmental trend. In the future, the hospital will focus on creating such business modules as the “Ophthalmic Treatment Center”, “Comprehensive Oncology Treatment Center”, “Traditional Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation Center”, and “Medicine Care Service Center”, thereby gradually forming a high-end medical and health management service platform with large-scale discipline and small-scale integration, the combines and networks "inspection, prevention, treatment, and recovery".

    Since its founding, Tai Ji Sun Hospital has invested in the introduction of various pieces of advanced medical equipment, such as the general 64-row 128-layer PET/CT from the U.S., the Siemens CT-SOMATOM Definition Flash scanning system from Germany, the Philips panoramic high-field open superconducting magnetic resonance system from the Netherlands, the "Beckman" automated biochemical assembly line from the U.S., the Planmed digital mammography X-ray system from Finland, allowing the hospital to leap forward to the global vanguard in terms of its diagnostic and treatment methods, and providing customers with treatment that has an authoritative and professional guarantee.

    Tai Ji Sun Hospital has highly sound clinical departments, the disciplines all develop in a balanced manner, the information network system receives daily improvements, and the hospital promotes its own scientific management.  In addition, the full operation of the HIS system, LIS system, PACS system, the physical examination system, EMRs, and the remote diagnosis system can all dock with the quality medical resources from the U.S., thus realizing digital management coverage for the hospital.

    Tai Ji Sun Hospital hires seasoned clinical experts in each discipline, and all its primary medical personnel have prior experience working in hospitals, have excellent professional qualities, and can provide customers with a full range of outpatient, hospitalization, and high-end health management services. With its warm and comfortable medical environment, domestically advanced equipment, professional medical care services, meticulous and excellent care, an innovative, technology-assisted medical service mode, complete medical-care system, Tai Ji Sun Hospital is committed to providing professional, convenient, high-quality health care products and services for its global customers, allowing them to enjoy the healthy experience of life!



  • Vision and Philosophy of Tai Ji Sun

    Philosophy of Tai Ji Sun comes from the Chinese cultural essence in which "Everything comes from Tai Chi", and adheres to the traditional concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, in which "The best doctors cure potential diseases". Tai Ji Sun combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western medicine and biotechnology to create a high-end medical service and health management platform integrating "Examination, Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery".

    Vision of Tai Ji Sun: To create a world-class health care service agency


  • Service Environment