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    Global CRM System

    The One multiple wing, three-network integration, Multi-network interaction concept is to provide a customised customer-focused Basic Service Marketing for all Tien’s brands

    Intelligent Service:

    Through the storage of intelligent knowledge Base, customers around the world can achieve 7*24 hours of online self-service solutions, across language, time zone, national boundaries, cultural constraints, with a timely response to services

    Global-Channel Services

    Service channels cover online and offline channels, build a complete customer service channel network, through multi-perspective business support, to provide efficient service support


    Training Support

    Customer Service has a sound Training and Education Assessment System and Qualified Trainers to meet the increasing demands of the Customer Service Department

    Big-Data Support

    The CRM System supports 360° Customer Information Analysis and provides data for Strategic Development, Business Policy and Market Planning


    Big-Data service can explore the potential needs of customers and provide attractive consumption solutions through tele-marketing and achieve a high rate of orders and a win-win situation between the company and the customer

    The latest Tiens Global CRM system brings you

    An unprecedented Service Experience An Excellent Customer Service Team to serve you wholeheartedly